Romilyś Live Melodic Techno DJ Set at Vestingmuseum

Romilyś Live Melodic Techno DJ Set at Vestingmuseum

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Artist: Romily

Produced by Baylen Music

Camerawoman: Kathy Moehamad

Cameraman: Thuta Hein Soe

Drone Pilot: Henry Nguyen

Production Team: Thuta Hein Soe, Kathy Moehamad, Tai Huu Le, Henry Nguyen

A deep heartfelt gratitude must be extended to Iiris Jalava and Tyrell Fadilla for their contributions in ensuring smooth logistics and content creation during this project.

We express our deepest gratitude to Tammo Ter Hark (Het Nederlands Vestingmuseum), Bente Wiegman (Bente Locations), and Bas van der Ree (Netherlands Film Commission – Nederlands Filmfonds) for their unwavering support, belief in our vision, and openness, which have been pivotal in bringing this project to life. Their collaborative spirit has been instrumental in making this project possible.

Romilyś Live Melodic Techno DJ Set at Vestingmuseum Tracklist

00:00:00 Kuud Kuulama (feat. Maarja Nuut & Ruum) [Extended Remix] – NOËP

00:02:00 Just the Beginning (Extended Mix) – Cosmic Gate & Nathan Nicholson

00:06:37 Dreams Unfold – Romily

00:11:19 Between the Lines (feat. Lewyn) [Paradoks Extended Remix] – Modera

00:16:22 Just the Kinda Feeling (Extended Mix) – Lost Boy, Yotto

00:20:15 Sweet Surrender (Extended Mix) – Korolova

00:24:53 Night After Night (Camelphat Remix) – Fideles, CamelPhat & Be No Rain

00:28:55 Equal (Andrew Bayer and Alex Sonata & Therio Extended Mix) – Andrew Bayer & Asbjørn

00:33:23 Pantheon (Extended Mix)- Argy, Goom Gum

00:37:40 Lay Low (Argy Remix) (Extended Mix) – Tiesto

00:41:37 Protocol feat. Able Joseph (Extended Mix) – Le Youth, Hessian, Able Joseph

00:46:17 Explore Your Future (Extended Version) – Anyma (ofc)

00:49:55 Cosmovision feat. Ravid (Extended Mix)- ANNA, Ravid

00:53:10 Pegasus – Kevin de Vries