Chris IDH feat.Kwezi – Buya, Romilyś edit with drums

Chris IDH feat.Kwezi – Buya, Romily (edit) with drums under Frozen Valaste Waterfall

Amazing track: Buya feat.Kwezi – @ChrisIDH

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Huge thankś goes to, talented  @SiimKoppel  , for enriching my mix with his energetic and beautiful djembe drum sounds.

Surrounded by unique limestone cliff with fossils and layers formed in 400 million years, the gleaming ice wall and sparkling icicles, Valaste is the highest natural waterfall in Estonia & Baltics and one of the most picturesque tourist locations in Estonia.

This place is especially spectacular in winter, when northern winds blow from the sea, creating ice sculptures on the trees on the limestone cliffs with water splashes.

This all, the most cutting edge electronic music played by DJ Romily & these wild nature views, makes unique combination to hear and watch.

Special thanks goes to the amazing video production company Vita Pictura team who made it all possible in such an extreme conditions.

  • Film Crew:
  • Location: Valaste Waterfall, Estonia

Other supporters:

▪ E-sisustus (, for helping with technical equipment, electricity, setting up

▪ Wild Woman Ehted ( – beautiful & powerful jewelry

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Chris IDH feat.Kwezi – Buya, Romily (edit) with drums under Frozen Valaste Waterfall Fun facts

▪ All the equipment (stage, technical equipment, drums) were carried 389 steps  down to the waterfall and then afterwards up again.

▪ Approx 20m descending down with rope & safety equipment to get to the bottom of the waterfall.

▪ 4 hours setting it up with 9 people team.

▪ Electricity were transported 150m from the Mercedes Bus up on the waterfall parking place

▪ Me & the video crew needed also to descend down 50m to the bottom of the waterfall with the safety equipment

▪ Weather conditions (- 5C degree, Snowfall), made the using of cameras, playing with DJ mixer quite complicated. Everything were covered with snow in minutes, hands were frozen & technical equipment were in a big danger to keep working until the end of the DJ set.

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